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Mission and Principles

The main goal of Setl City is in the creation of unique designs. This originality is the result of adding potential to any plot of land and unique experience and vision Setl City. Each project Setl City isn’t just a construction of walls and the tabulation of communications, it’s a process of forming a new habitat for clients like element of image and expression. Being a sum of several wisely selected and clearly made components - space, design, packaging, legends - each individual project has its own face. Therefore, each separate project Setl City becomes an independent brand. This European approach offers individual space inscribed in the urban environment.

Basic conditions of competent and well-coordinated work of the company Setl City are high corporate culture , professionalism and commitment of all staff, and, of course , flexibility and effectiveness of management methods of the leading team .

To improve control over the implementation of projects Setl City is sharing objects between developers for better studying.
SETL CITY Ltd. is the developer of several projects in St. Petersburg - residential complexes "Cosmos" ( Moscovskiy district), "Atlanta", " Atlanta -2" ( Kalininskiy district ), “MORE” ( Krasnoselskiy region) and "Montreal" (Krasnoselskiy district). All complex have a modern architectural and engineering solution. They are characterized by thoughtful planning of apartments and courtyard area, complete landscaping and planting of the local area.
Territorial Development "St. Petersburg real estate" is a developer of the first  residentalcomlex in  the project "Seven Capitals" which is located in Kudrovo near the circle way and MEGA-Dybenko - “Vienna”. Features of the project are low building hights (8-9 storeys ) and bright facade ads. In the residentalcomlex there also will be schools and kindergarten and parking. All apartments will be sond fully finished .
City Vision Ltd. is the developer of the residential complex "Marseille", located on Turistskaya street (Primorskiy district ) . This project consists of two blocks of variable height - from 12 to 18 floors . All apartments will be sold completed. In the courtyard will be a playground and walking area, underground  and guest parking.
Growth of the City Ltd. is the developer of complex "Tokyo" (Primorskiy district, Mebel’naya street. This new residential complex has bright and expressive architectural composition of three modern 25-storey buildings. It also has office space and underground parking for 94 cars. There is landscaped courtyard area with playground and walking areas. This development has been partly sold.
Favorite Ltd. is the developer of the multifunctional complex on Ushakovskaya embankment (Primorskiy district). Complex includes 6 houses, a kindergarten, aparthotel , business center, two underground car parks. Area will be fully landscaped .
New Element Ltd. is the developer of comlex "Rio", located in the Nevskiy district of St. Petersburg , at Dal’nevostochnaya street . The complex which includes 10 blocks of variable height - from 3 to 15 floors 3 has a bright external facade and white indecor, thereby giving landscaped courtyard a bright outlook. The project has built-in parking for 230 cars. All apartments sold to customers fully finished.
Intex Line Ltd. is the developer of the 11- storey business center of class "B" in the Moskovskiy district, Leninskiy Prospect, 153A. This business center will be build in two stages: Stage 1 - construction of a business center and adjoining multi-storey car park,  Stage 2 - construction of an administrative centre.
Creation Ltd. is the developer of multifunctional residential complex "GreenLandiya" in Murino which is in the north of the city, a 15-minute walk from the metro station “Devyatkino”. The complex will also have kindergartens, schools, landscaping, organized recreation areas, sports, playgrounds and guest parking .

 - St.-Petersburg Real Estate Ltd.
 - Industrial Complexes Ltd.
 - Praktis Consulting and Brokerage Ltd.
 - Setl Estate Ltd.

Setl City is ready to offer and realize new projects that raise the quality of life to a new level. Strategically, Setl City is an international brand. Having started its operations in St. Petersburg Setl City plans to expand to other Russian regions and then into Europe using the architectural, commercial and social traditions of St.-Petersburg.

Setl City understands the importance of housing and have two levels of responsibility:
 - to the individual (accuratestimat of the cost of the project, timely implementation and high quality finish);
 - to the public (we guarantee a stable environment and mixed social development).

Customers of Setl City are people who subscribe to the Europian ideal. Setl City believes that everything about the real estate bisness should be associated with the word "comfort". Setl City offers its customers a wide range of mortgage options.

Setl City takes an active part in city life and attaches great importance to the local economic and social policies. Setl City with city management relationships are based on mutual respect and constructive cooperation. The Company makes decisions in considerations to city interests.

An important condition for the implementation of their obligations to clients Setl City sees in correctly working with contractors. Fair, clear financial relationship between Setl City and contractors guarantee their high material motivation in the fulfillment of obligations . On the other hand, the success of the brand Setl City - a significant contribution in the business capital of the contractors.

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