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Жилой комплекс «Риверсайд»

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Object information

On a plot (total square 6.8 ha) Setl City is planning to build a luxury residential district which will includ 6 apartment blocks of  business- and premium-class apartments, hotel, business center, kindergarten and covered parking. Construction will take place in 3 stages. Startup of 1st stage of the building is planned for the IV quarter of 2014. Ending of the building is planed by beginning of 2017.

The dwelling zone of the complex will total an area of 100 000 m2 which will include a building shaped like the capital letter of the Greek alphabet "Omega" (Ω) and a further five smaller apartment blocks. This project includes 1 to 6 roomed apartments and also spacious top floor apartments with spectacular view and roof terraces. The apartments will be sold in the pre-finnish conditional. Also planned is the construction of multi-storey car park (approximate square 50 000 m2)  for a 1162 cars.

As part of complex «Riverside» will be built 8-storey hotel building and a 5-storey office center. Commercial and service infrastructure of the complex will be located on the ground floors of several buildings. Also being built in stage 1 is a new 2-storey kindergarten for 140 places with pool.

Building is going to have facade glazing and panoramic windows on the upper floors. Special focus will be on design of halls: individual design projects in a one modern style, but with a different color palette created for each apartment block. The walls in halls will be finished with textured plaster in combination with porcelain gres.
The complex will be landscaped and will have sidewalks, pedestrian areas and playgrounds .

Comany representative working on site

Planned term of the first stage of construction
1 stage (Г1, Г2, Г3) – built (completed civil works)
2 stage (А, Б, В) – built (completed civil works)
3 stage (Г4, Г5) – built (completed civil works)


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