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Жилой квартал «Лондон»

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Object information

"London" is a new part of the "Seven Capitals" project. This neighbourhood suports the same concept of comfortable living as other districts. The inspiration for the residential district is London - a city of contrasts, where the vivid colors and bold architecture facades of skyscrapers are combined with traditional low-rise buildings in pastel colors, and the green gardens with paved boulevards and squares. All these elementswill be used to create a European lifestyle and atmosphere in this new development.

The best architectural solutions which can be found in the British capital will be used when designing "London". The layout wil include courtyards, pedestrian boulevards, cozy cafes and playgrounds.

"London" apartment blocks with variable number of stories (12-21 floor) with typiclly British bright facades on all buildings. A traditional British capital palette of white, brown, blue, red, beige colors and shades will be used. In the center of neighbourhood will be situated the pedestrian "Europe Square" with a food court - a nice place for having pleasant walks with your family or spending time in the outdoor cafe, enjoying beautiful views of the neighbourhood. You may want to make a trip to the neighboring "Vienna", which is connected with "London" by a pedestrian boulevard.

The inhabitants of "London" will have everything at hand: there will be a school, 3 kindergartens, medical centers and a sports complex. On the ground floors of the apartment blocks will be shops, cafes, pharmacies, banks and other facilities needed for a comfortable life. Nearby is a popular and beloved of all TRK "MEGA Dybenko" with many shops and 3D- cinema.

As in Europe, the roads in the territory of the "Seven capitals" will be laid out so that the interaction of cars and pedestrians are minimal. Due to underground and outdoor parking and thoughtful planning of roads within the district the neighborhood will be safe for pedestrians.


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